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Trinity Ridge Fire — one year later

I recently had the opportunity to mountain bike into the popular Trinity Lakes area in the Boise National Forest before peak season. My objective was to survey and photograph the damage left by the 140,000-acre Trinity Ridge Fire in 2012. I knew the jeep road to the peaks would be closed, so I loaded up my
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Beautiful landscapes with a budget DSLR

After several years of shooting only video and news stills, I recently began working to produce higher quality landscape images with my budget priced Canon T3i DSLR. Living in beautiful southwest Idaho is my excuse — and a good one, I might add. Since I’m shooting on a cropped sensor, 18 megapixel, Canon T3i DSLR,
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Data Projects — The New Journalism

  The line between journalist and coder is beginning to blur. These days, more TV stations and newspapers are jumping on the mobile app bandwagon, forming development teams made of journalists and quasi-journalist progammers. Many of their projects (products) are justifiably aimed at bringing an organization’s news content to mobile devices such as iPhones, Android
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How Mobile News Gathering Changed the Mainstream Media in 2011

Here’s what you should expect next: Though many tech analysts have dubbed 2011 as the year social media finally came of age, it might as well have been the year that mobile video, images, and texts turned global media outlets upside-down. In short: 2011 was also the year that mobile news gathering came of age.
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The Role of the Multimedia Journalist

As a multimedia journalist I operate with critical efficiency.

The legendary Moray Eels of Big Island

Perfectly framed by the classic 1970’s adventure flick “The Deep,” (1977) the tenuous relationship between divers and big eels is always a good topic of scuba conversation. Dive Instructors in some tourist destinations go as far as to name big eels and give them cut-up hotdogs by hand. Not me. Photo Courtesy Hawaii State Fishing
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Cruising Fantasy Reef On DPV

Skillfully operating a diver propulsion vehicle (DPV) is a skill every advanced diver should master. These “scooters,” as they’re commonly known, are primarily used to transport scuba divers at double or triple their normal speed underwater. Requiring little effort, DPV divers also use less energy, save air, and are able to survey wider sections of
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Back in Hawaii

Back in Hawaii

After my Midwinter  journey to Minnesota, Scuba Matt is now back in action on Oahu! Check out the newest dive report at Island Divers Hawaii for a mutant sea turtle!

My Best SCUBA Class!

These guys were the most fun I’ve had in weeks! Thanks for all your hard works Brad, Mike, April, Chad, Pooja, and Missy P.S. I’ve been looking for this sweet picture for almost two weeks.  It’s a classic Oahu turtle discovery. – ScubaMatt

Knowing how deep to go …

The skilled diver knows how deep to go and calculates his bottom time accordingly while planning for rapidly changing environmental conditions. Here in Oahu, the task can be as simple as monitoring your bottom timer on a shallow reef dive with 100 foot visibility at slack tide with no current. However,  it can be as
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