Why I like Scrawled Filefish and Underwater Kung Fu

Like so many creatures of the sea, the obscure filefish has a story to tell.  Peering at you over its razor-sharp eye hooks, the creature retracts its fan-like tail and pops it back open again.

Not for your toenails.

You are reminded of a Shaolin Kung-Fu Master who has perfected the elegant yet deadly fan-form.

Florida legends tell of sailors would dry the filefish’s skin and use it for sandpaper in woodcraft.

A unique feature of the animal is its blue-green glowing spots.  Used as a type of neon camouflage, I like to imagine that this fish listens to hardcore industrial music while freaking out in a fit of glowing sub-sea ecstasy.

My advice: don’t mess with it. Underwater, it’s way cooler than you.