Diving East Oahu’s Sea Cave is the Sh**t!

Ok, so this one is an oldie but a goodie here on East Oahu.

Passing the community of Portlock near Hawaii Kai, you’ll find Kawaihoa Point (better known as Koko Head).

A boat ride from the marina here takes about 15 minutes.  Motor around the corner at this point and soon you’ll see a large cavern pressed into the 200 ft., 70m cliffs. Marked by a small, underwater buoy, the entranceway to this SEA CAVE is situated at around 35 feet.

Actually a large swim thru, the dive site has only about 100 ft., 30m of overhead, or cave environment, and ends in a well-lit cavern with open air above. Tremendous wave action, tons of nudibranchs, and sea turtles,  makes this place one of the best.

Plus, after exiting the cave, divers are treated to a leisurely drift dive along the China Wall section of Koko Head.  Definitely not slow-paced!

I explored this site two days ago and can’t wait to get back.

– Scuba Matt