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Deep Underground in Arkansas

Delving deep into the cave system underlying Cushman, Arkansas, my job was to capture video of unique stalactites still unbroken after generations of hillbillies marauded through the legendary Blowing Cave. Four days spent underground in a forgotten corner of Arkansas in January had me feeling like I was stranded in the bowels of Earth while
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Filming Documentary TV in Mexico

Shooting a scene on the backroads of the dusty Pacific coast town of Bucerias, Nayarit, Mexico The young sales girl looked nervous, and I tried to reassure her that she would be perfect. We were in a Mexican fruit market on the dusty side of Bucerias that nobody visited. The tourists all went to the
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The Longest Day of the Year on Mount Baker

IFMGA Guide Forest McBrian demonstrates modern ice axe techniques for glacier travel with Mt. Baker in the background. “You’ll be roping up from here,” said our instructor, gesturing to the mound of glittering, melted snow that stretched onward for a quarter mile. “Beyond this, it’s actual glaciated terrain.” I looked at my partner Jeff –
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Visiting Alaska’s Volcanic Desert

A portrait of me standing on the ash plain inside the Valley of 10,000 Smokes – Photo: Jack Steward The twin-engine Otter rumbled through the low clouds, banking a huge turn before touching down on the ash flat. Exhausted, and fearing a major delay due to bad weather, our camera crew let out a collective
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Underwater in the Caribbean and Pacific

The wreck of the M/V Keith Tibbets is the only sunken Russian warship in the Western Hemisphere. The renamed freighter is located in the Cayman Islands.  Getting paid to bring a camera underwater has been my dream for over a decade. As a PADI scuba instructor who worked in Florida and Hawaii, I was always
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Walking on Waterfalls in Jasper National Park

I’m about to disappear under a huge boulder to get in position for filming the “Turbo Washer” in Jasper National Park, Canada – Photo: Tommy Steward Staring into a mist of freezing water flowing down a 10-meter chute, I asked the obvious question: “I haven’t rappelled in a while … can’t you just lower me
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Canoeing and Skiing the Tetons

Canoeing a glacial lake to begin our climb of Mt. Moran was just part of this amazing journey. Being new to technical mountaineering, I decided to make my first project a glacier climb and ski descent in the beautiful Teton range. My subject was 12,600′ Mt. Moran, one of the biggest and isolated peaks in
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Why I Drove 800 miles to Canada for an Avalanche Class

My CAA Ops 1 class stops for a photo at the end of a long and snowy week in BC Two bighorn rams stood peacefully in the icy roadway while semi trucks and Subarus swerved around them. Welcome to British Columbia in November. I was driving in third gear down Kootenai pass in a snowstorm,
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Exploring America’s National Parks for a Living

Exploring America’s protected wildlands is both a dream job and a challenge. Just ask my fellow crew members on ABC’s Rock the Park, produced by Tremendous Entertainment in Minneapolis. We’ve been lucky enough to visit secret waterfalls in the Pacific Northwest, tromp through giant cave formations in New Mexico, traverse remote Alaskan glaciers, and explore abandoned
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Searching the USA for Tiny Homes

Shooting scenic video of Boston Harbor in 2015, part of my job as a cameraman on “Tiny House Hunting” as seen on the FYI Network – Photo: Mike Nolan Exploring tiny spaces with a small video camera can result in successful TV. That’s the winning recipe for “Tiny House Hunting” on the FYI Network. Imagine
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