The legendary Moray Eels of Big Island

Perfectly framed by the classic 1970’s adventure flick “The Deep,” (1977) the tenuous relationship between divers and big eels is always a good topic of scuba conversation.

Dive Instructors in some tourist destinations go as far as to name big eels and give them cut-up hotdogs by hand.

Not me.

150 pounds of fish-eating moray muscle
Photo Courtesy Hawaii State Fishing Records

Check out this pic from the big Island. I got to talking story with Big Island guitar player Gordon Freitas, and he let me know about this 150 pound Hawaii state record.

The fisherman is his cousin, Kimo Lopes. The eel is over 7 feet long.

Believe me guys, that sh*t will take your hand off!

Something about the usual guidebook description of Hawaiian species of moray eel “Maximum size 4.5 feet”  seems to be wrong here.

“Who are you going to believe,” asks Gordon.  “Scientists who get paid to write books or the people who live next to the reef.”

“Trust the natives!”